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litterWell,Milly whelped down a few days early,had her scanned at 4 weeks and she was having a minimum of 5am pleased to say that she had 9 healthy babies(also another 2 small stillborns ūüôĀ )
This does not alleviate the pain of losing Happy and 3 of her 4 pups and also my beautiful Chaos from the Darwin litter but it gives me the bloodline,that is the most important thing!!
a HUGE thanks to all involved!!




juicyxdarwinWe are very pleased to send this photo of the 3 juicyxdarwin pups,they are 3 weeks old today but this photo was taken at 2 weeks and 4 days!
One of the best litters ever we have produced.







Hey you guys,here are the first photos,Juicy had 3 gorgeous big puppies (all 750gms approx.) through the night and mum and babies are all doing well.I know from the post thaw quality of the semen that we are very lucky to get 3 pups so our HUGE thanks go to the collective team effort by Claire and Sean of Beech House Vets and of course to Keith and Melanie from Fit and Fertile.One girl is off to Sweden,the boy off to the Netherlands and we shall keep a girl here with us.As always the most important thing to us at Sandaharr is that we have secured that Ysterberg bloodline in a big way for our future breeding programmes(all being well with health and temperament of course!!).
Can’t express our thanks enough and we look forward to working with you all together again soon!!Canine Reproduction Services UK








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