Quantitative Progesterone Blood Testing

Quantitative Progesterone Blood Testing

Progesterone concentration is measured by obtaining a simple blood sample from the bitch. We usually start to take these samples at around day 5-8 of her season, day 1 being the first day of bleeding.

By monitoring progesterone we can accurately determine when she will ovulate ensuring the best day to achieve conception. Progesterone blood samples must be taken if you a planning any kind of artificial insemination.

The sample is taken in house.

STOP PRESS: We have been negotiating with Idexx to reduce the cost of this very important blood sample. The reason for this is to encourage more breeders to use the test to accurately determine the ovulation date of the bitch. Not only will this confirm the date the bitch will be due to whelp, it aids in the planning of elective caesarians and makes for a safer procedure.

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